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There is so much anger out here. It is taking so many bizarre forms.

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Beause a lot of Americans cannot forgive what happened at Wac0 and Ruby Ridge? Why should they?

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Ever heard anyone apologize for those murders? A lot of Americans have no hope, get no help and see their own government as an oppressive force. Working-class people are getting screwed by their own government. What we have here is just a little case of misdirected anger. And now, in their coordinated all-out campaign to dump Trump, the established political class and its non-alt captive neoliberal media still have nothing to offer the forgotten cities and towns of Middle America. Lingeman, ed. Geoff Dutton is an ex-geek turned writer and editor. He hails from Boston and writes about whatever distortions of reality strike his fancy.

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Fearless Muckraking Since May 18, Channeling Molly by Geoff Dutton. In a column about how the media makes light of fitness to govern, written in during her stint at the Texas Observer, Ivins observed: All this [lack of analysis of whether the several candidates for President are fit to govern] follows months of discussion on burning topics like W.

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Molly Ivins Letters to the Nation (2013, Paperback)

Their cynicism and wit are what make their commentaries immortal, and the writings of Molly Ivins certainly belong in that pantheon. Letters To The Nation is a collection of missives written between and , the year she died. A publication with a decidedly leftward slant, The Nation provided Ivins an outlet to articulate the rightward creep of her home state of Texas during this period.

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Some of the targets are well-known, including George W. Among other political skirmishes, she covers the infamous flight of Democrats from the state legislature in In response to a controversial redistricting plan proposed by the Republican majority, the Democrats left the state in order to run out the clock on pending legislation.

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As the party in power during the period, the Republicans bear the brunt of her ridicule. Copyright BookPleasures. All rights reserved. Gayle Colopy Reviewer Gayle Colopy: Gayle is a semi-retired veteran of various governmental, non-profit and commercial enterprises, and is now a freelance writer based in northern California. View all articles by Gayle Colopy.