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Knox, M. Walter, M. George Keys shire engineer , and Mr. Frank Griffin. Aldwinckle is entitled to prefer hardwood to softwood cases, but why adopt such a selfish attitude as to want to penalise further the great number of growers - probably a majority - who prefer softwood, in hoping that a further duty will be imposed on their importation? One reason advanced - that Victorian millers should be given a chance to show what they can do - sounds rather feeble when they have had the field entirely to themselves for more than 30 years and cannot yet produce anything better than that provided this season.

Aldwinckle has either been particularly fortunate in ob- taining perfect cases or else he is very easily satisfied. Why should a grower not use a softwood case if, in his opinion, it presents his product in a more attractive form? Whether the fruit brings more in one container that the other is beside the question. Naturally the user of the more expensive case hopes to obtain a better price. Many factors over which neither the grower nor agent has any control regulate the price realised on home markets. Unique views over Westernport Port Phillip and Dandenongs 45 acres, orchard and valuable timber.

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Vacant possession. Auction 18th April. Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, [database on-line]. Mary Jane 'Jennie' Sheahan. With Francis Joseph Griffin Captain. Family Francis Joseph Griffin Captain b. At the invitation of Lt. Knox, a number of their friends from Upper Beaconsfield and the surrounding districts, and also Melbourne were present at the delightful dance held in the Assembly Hall, Upper Beaconsfield, on Friday evening, June The guest of the evening was Miss K. Bird, cousin of the hostess, who is on a visit from England, and the dance was given in honor of her twenty-first birthday.

The supper room of the hall was converted into a cosy lounge, with easy chairs, carpets, and a glowing fire. Bridge tables were provided for non-dancers. On a large table in the supper-room was arranged a buffet supper. The hall was gaily decked with cerise and violet streamers festooned from a centrepiece arranged with hoops of paper flowers of the same color and greenery. Tall oriental lamps and festoons of greenery, with cerise flowers, made a very effective screen round the dias, on which the musicians were seated.

Pinkerton of Berwick was responsible for the artistic decorations of the hall. At 10 p. After midnight a large birthday cake, with twenty-one candles burning brightly on it, was carried into the hall, and cut by Miss Bird. The hostess Mrs. Knox wore a gracefully draped frock of apricot changeable taffeta, caught at the side with monkey fur: she carried an Early Victorian posy of autumn tints.

Miss K. Bird was dressed in dainty mauve taffeta, with panels of Valenciennes lace, and a deep collar of georgette edged with similar lace. Among the guests present were. Tate, Messrs. Sturken, Bunt, Day, K. Pinkerton, J.

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Swords, R. Harris, blue marocain, with flowing ninon sleeves, blue wreath. Miss Margaret Crossley, mauve crepe de chine, satin waist-line caught with cabachon of violets. Beecham Scoresby , blue shot taffeta, draped skirt, caught at sicie with handsome cabachon of feathers. Lister Scoresby , black crepe de chine, with jet trimmings. Frances, black tulle, beaded with jet and iridescent beads, beads over crepe de chine.

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  • Warwick James Stokell Griffin (Major).
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John Sturken, brocaded crepe de chine, white waist-line finisher with pearl girdle, long ninon sleeves. Mrs Harvey Smith, black taffeta inlet with lace, finished at waist with gold and jet girdle. Bunt, black charineuse, with silver trimmings. James Wilson, black crepe de chene with steel trimmings.

Anderson, blue shot taffeta, with pink flowers at waist and in hair. Miss Campbell, black crepe de chine with black lace. Miss Towl Melbourne , apricot charmeuse pointed skirt, finished at waist with same color. Miss Cunningham, powder blue georgette Miss Walker, slate grey silk, black tulle sash, deep collar Maltese lace.

Miss Peterson, eau-de-nil cachemire de sole. Miss Shorthouse, shot taffeta, pink finished with flowers at waist. Miss King, shot pink, with tulle trimmings. Mrs Cyril Davey, pretty white georgette, with pointed skirt over crepe de chine. Miss Ashley, black cachemire de sole panels of radium lace, finished at waist with fuchsia flower trimmings. Miss D. Ashley, stamped mauve velvet, trimmings of silver and silver girdle. Miss Barker mauve taffeta silk, with pretty pointed skirt over trimmed underskirt. Miss R Gamble, fuchsia colored cachemire de sole. Miss Bunt, flame colored crepe de chine, Miss M.

Bunt, turquoise blue crepe de chine. Miss Dayey, royal blue figured georgette, with side panel of steel color. Miss M. Davey, jade green georgette, Miss McLean, black cachery re de sole, kingfisher blue let in at side. Miss N. McLean, mole cachemire de sole, sleeves of gold georgette, skirt caught with blue and gold cabachon. Miss Stenhouse, pale blue crepe de chine, with bead trimmings. Gamble, black crepe de chine. Jack Ashley, black and gold figured georgette.

Griffin, black charmeuse, with radium lace trimmings. Love, green and gold brocaded georgette. Mrs Hurditch, pink ninon, with pale blue finishings. Kirkwood, black velvet draped frock caught at sides with jet or naments. McBride, black crepe de chine, with jet girdle. Fung, black crepe de chine. Miss Lockey, royal blue figured georgette. George Malcolm Griffin. Lance-Bombardier G.

Griffin, died of illness, February 18, Field Regiment Association. Kamarooka, Beaconsfield Upper. Dorothy, and Bill. Upper Beaconsfield. VX, died New Guinea. February 18, Inserted by Flo. February 18, , loved cousin of Flo, Dorothy, and Bill. Citations [ S62 ] Western Australian Government. Rev Thomas William Greenwood. With Jane Greenwood. With Grace Greenwood.

Family Jane Lee b.

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Thomas Edwin Greenwood b. Dec , d. Feb The Rev. Greenwood, of Chelsea, has accepted a call from the Beaconsfield and district Congregational Church, and expects to begin his work in July. On Friday, a fire, which had been burning in the scrub, fanned by a strong north wind, menaced the residence of Mr. McMillan, and in response to a call for help, about 50 men were soon engaged in a fierce fight to save the house and outbuildings. This they managed to do, and the fire then jumped the main road and threatened the residence of the Misses McLean; a break was burned, and the house was safe.

Blair, Boker and Gilpin, and a number of others were in danger. A large band of willing workers managed to save the houses, but unfortunately they could not save the fine lemon orchard of Mr. McMillan, which was destroyed, also a week-end residence of Mr. The heat was so great when the place got alight that it was im possible to get near it. In the after noon a sudden change of wind to the south caused the township to be menaced, and a desperate call for help was sent out, and in reply volunteers from Berwick, Narre Warren and Dandenong came to augment the local Bush Fire Brigade, until there were over men, under the direction of Constable Barrett, and other leaders, engaged in the desperate effort to save the homes of Madame Montigue, Messrs.

Greenwood, Robinson, J.

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Deville, C. Ellis, Claydon, Wright, Binding and Brown. Here it was that anxiety was felt for one band who had become surrounded by flames, but they managed to get clear, although some of them succumbed to heat and smoke after getting out. The fine garden and plantation of Major Campbell was swept by the fire, despite the efforts of the workers, and hundreds of pounds worth of valuable plants and trees were destroyed, and the fine house was only saved by the superhuman efforts of the fire fighters. Ellis had the fence and pavilion attached to his tennis court destroyed, and the fire swept through his orchard, only being stopped within a few feet of the house.

The house of Mr. Wright was saved by burning a break, as was Mr. A large body of men were rushed out, and the fire was got under control before very much damage was done. Love, but it was kept out, and, with the exception of the loss of some fencing, not very much damage was done. Greenwood and Mrs. Greenwood have gone to Dromana for their annual holiday. Smith, of North Clyde, has generously offered to conduct services for Mr. Greenwood during his absence. With Rev Thomas William Greenwood. Family Rev Thomas William Greenwood b. Mrs Greenwood had been seriously ill for 18 months, but it is hoped that the operation will be the means of restoring her to health.

Buried at Burwood Cemetery 8. Helen Lesley Hughes. Hudson, Upper Beaconsfield. William Harland 'Bill' Hudson. The ceremony will be performed by Mr. Ewert, M.

The Mysterious Columba Bush

Reginald Hawkins Hughes. With Annie Grace Hughes. With Alison Evelyn Langford. Family Annie Grace Langford b.

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Constance Vyvyan Hughes b. Gwynneth Hughes b. A marriage which created a good deal of interest amongst residents of this district took place on Wednesday, 19th inst. The wedding took place at St. James' Church of England, Malvern. Mr and Mrs Hughes will reside at Swift's Creek. The bride was organist at Holy Trinity Church of England for some years, and is being succeeded in this work by her. Elder sister Miss Dorothy Langford. We join with their many friends in tendering Mr and Mrs Hughes our congratulations and good wishes.

Constance Vyvyan Hughes. Brown at Melbourne Grammar chapel officiated yesterday at the marriage of Constance Vyvyan, daughter of Mr. Hughes, with Bernard Cassian, son of Mrs. Crotty, Kew, and the late Canon Crotty. The bride, who wore a gown of white crepe, was at tended by Miss Margaret Mclntyre.

Muyong, Longreach, Queensland - a son. Henry Harland 'Harry' Hudson. Family Beatrice Jeannie Treloar b. Bernard Lionel Hudson b. Beatrice Jeannie Treloar. Family Henry Harland 'Harry' Hudson b.

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  7. Bernard Lionel Hudson. Hudson, Glenferrie rd. Bernard Lionel Hudson, younger son of Mr. Henry H. Hudson, of Malvern. Miss Best, who is both painter and ballet dancer, studied art with the late Rupert Bunny, and ballet with Borovansky. Her fiance served in the A. Hudson Glenferrie rd, Malvern.

    Canon L. Wenzel officiated. A slim-fitting gown of ivory slipper satin, made with transparent pearl trimmed yoke, was chosen by the bride, who was attended by the bridegroom's sister, Mrs B H Gordon. She wore pale blue marquisette over stiffened satin, with matching flowers in her hair. Mr James Panning was best man. John Corry and Mrs. Harnetty and Mrs. Harnetty, of Essendon, announce their engagement today. Miss Corry's ring is a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. William John Holmes. With Harriet Holmes. Family Harriet Nixon b. William John 'Bill' Holmes b.

    Charles Henry 'Harry' Holmes b. George Nixon 'Nixon' Holmes b. Louie Harriet Holmes b. Jun , d. Amy Jane Holmes b. The death of Mr. Despairing of accumulating an interest by his domestic employments, his bent of mind led him to follow the sea-faring business, which, as her mother informed her, he commenced before her birth. However great his prospects were, that fortune would prove more propitious to his prosperity and happiness upon the ocean, than it had done on the land, he was effectually disappointed: — For after he had continued this fruitless employment some years, he took a voyage to some parts of Europe, from whence he was not heard of some years.

    At length, her mother was informed, he had perished in a ship-wreck. Deborah Sampson, illustration published in the Female Review, circa He continued to live in poverty there until he died in and was buried in a paupers lot in Fayette cemetery. At the age of ten, Deborah Sampson was then hired out as an indentured servant to the family of Jeremiah and Susannah Thomas. Thomas, as an earnest patriot, did much towards shaping the political opinions of the young woman in his charge, who early developed talent and a strong desire for knowledge.

    Her perceptions were quick and her imagination lively; she soon became absorbed in the stirring questions of the day. After she was released from indentured servitude at the age of 18, she worked as a local school teacher during summer sessions in and in Middleboro. In the winter of , Sampson began feeling restless and wanted to travel and explore other pursuits. Knowing that her options as a young woman were limited, she came up with the idea of cross-dressing as a man and sought out the advice of a fortune-teller to get some insight into her future, according to her biography The Female Review:.

    This, she declares, was not to stimulate, but to divert her inclinations from objects which not only seemed presumptuous, but impracticable. She informed him she had not come with an intention to put entire confidence in his delusory suggestions; but it was partly out of principle, but mostly out of curiosity.

    He considered her as a blithe and honest young gentleman. She heard his preamble. And it was either art or accident, that he told her, pretty justly, her feelings — that she had propensities for uncommon enterprises, and pressed to know why she had held them in suspension for so long. Having predicated that the success of her adventures, if undertaken, would more than compensate a few difficulties, she left him with a mind more discomposed than when she found him. But before she reached home she found her resolution strengthened.

    She resolved soon to commence her ramble, and in the same clandestine plight, in which she had been to the necromancer. She thought of bending her first course to Philadelphia, the metropolis of America. It was during this time that Sampson got the idea to instead join the military as a male soldier, according to The Female Review:. This proposal concurred with her inclinations on many accounts.

    Whilst she should have equal opportunities for surveying and contemplating the world. She should be accumulating some lucrative profit; and in the end, perhaps, be instrumental in the cause of liberty, which had for nearly six years enveloped the minds of her countrymen. Deborah Sampson, title page of The Female Review, circa There is a lot of confusion about when Deborah Sampson actually enlisted in the army.

    Several sources, including her biography, state that she enlisted in the while others state it was , according to an article in the Westchester Historian journal:. This is the question which has puzzled anyone trying to write about her. In petitioning for back pay and for various pensions, Deborah, in different documents, used both dates. Most people have concluded that the date is correct; using that date, however, creates many problems that have not been satisfactorily resolved by others.

    The people mentioned existed and can be placed where Deborah said, even when at first her statements may not appear logical. The war had already moved on to the New York area by the time Sampson enlisted and she was sent to fight as a light infantryman in the Hudson Valley. According to The Female Review, Sampson found war to be exhausting and terrifying:. She escaped with two shots through her coat, and one through her cap…She now says no pen can describe her feelings experienced in the commencement of an engagement, the sole object of which is to open the sluices of human blood.

    The unfeigned tears of humanity has more than once started into her eyes in the rehearsal of such as scene as I have just described. While fighting in New York, Sampson was wounded in battle. Mann states in The Female Review that she was shot in the thigh during a skirmish with Tory soldiers, but according to her pension application in , Sampson said she received the wound at the Battle of Tarrytown in July of After removing the bullet herself, the wound never healed properly and caused her pain and discomfort for the rest of her life. She was wounded again four months later when she was shot through her shoulder.

    Although Sampson survived her wounds, she eventually came down with a fever shortly after being dispatched to fight in Pennsylvania and was hospitalized in the summer of It was then that the doctor attending to her, Dr.