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I like that. Many thanks. Having a huge painful experience take place in my life knocked me into a nervous breakdown and renedered me unable to live life for a while. The pain was incredible! We with time, honesty and love worked on keeping our family together, our glue, to survive those early days.

With feeling my pain I slowly allowed the anger to give way to new days and we talked of new beginnings for us. I loved my husband so much I never wanted to live life without him by my side. But I was so hurt and in so much pain I was hospitalised. The low we experienced was a turning point in our 27year marriage. I slowly started loving him again and had to accept the past and forgive him so we could have a future together.

He never left my side. He changed.

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He accepted my pain and resolved to take care of me so I could live again. His ongoing support and deep commitment to me changed my world over time. I started getting happy again and my heart ached less. We talked about everything and shared our fears and insights into why we had got it so wrong and damaged what we shared.


I never wanted to live life without him by my side and this love I had for him was growing again. We are a success story because our love and attraction to each other overcame the pain created by our actions during a time we lived our marriage in denial to each other.

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When Bad Things Happen: How to Survive, Thrive and Never Look Back

Our truth was to survive this. Our love became unconditional. Our words and actions became honest. We stuck together and we are now so glad we did.

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I have had several more hospital stays and each time my husband stood by my side and gave himself completely. He consistently continued to show his total support and deep love for me. I had to forgive him. We spent weekends in bed and hours just laying together.

We tell each other every day how grateful we are to have each other after being faced with life apart. The experience shook us to really see our marriage in a new light. Thank you for sharing your story. This has really helped give me courage to do the things that I need to do for myself in order to be truly happy.

Words of wisdom. Thank you so much for this post. I really needed to read something like this right now. Not only am I going through a break up the relationship ended 3 weeks ago , but earlier this week I found out I was not accepted to the Nursing program which I applied to. The break up and rejection from this Nursing program have put me in a tough spot.

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I am depressed and grieving the loss of what could have been. Your email address will not be published.

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