The Wounds in The Woods

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Wounds of the soul - Well Therapy

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Join Now! A basic first aid kit is something you should always have on hand when you know you'll be in a remote area, plus a little bit of first aid knowledge to go with it. First, assess the damage.

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This list is meant to aid in treating minor cuts and scrapes. If it's a serious emergency, focus on stabilizing the victim and applying pressure to the wound until professional help arrives or the inflicted individual can be moved safely.

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Next, stop the bleeding. Using a clean piece of gauze, apply firm pressure and raise the wound above the heart. It can take up to 10 minutes for the bleeding to halt.

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This time is best used taking deep breaths and mentally preparing for the rest of the treatment. Your first aid kit should have disinfectant. If you're not stocked up like a drug store, find a pine tree. Pine sap is a natural antiseptic. Once your wound is cleaned and dry, apply a bandage.

Woods Whys: How Do Trees Heal Wounds on Trunks and Branches?

You should never sew up your own stitches or do it on a friend—you could do more damage than good. For a clean, shallow cut, superglue is a solid option, and will make for a good story. Be sure to keep an eye on the wound over the next couple hours. Change the dressing at least every 8 hours.