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Their life never lives up to what they're entitled to, they are always making unreasonable demands on those around them, and they and their lovers are always miserable. BTW, most princesses treat men like manservants, cause they don't measure up to Prince. Not a recipe for successful happy relationships.

Fairy tale princesses had to prove themselves worthy of a prince but Disney ones just had too look pretty.

  • Combating Princess Syndrome | Psychology Today.
  • Breaking Through.
  • I Can See Things.

I even have TWO tiaras. I am a year old Freshman in college, because I wrote about my life of overcoming and won a scholarship.

Six Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princess Books

As a mature princess, I am trying to make a difference in the world by being an advocate for women and children who are living with abuse. Actually, "fairy-child" is what my elementary teacher called me; it is the cover on my book, Sanctuary of the Soul. Princess issues are most destructive in custody courts. These princesses cannot think about being fair to the father. The system doesn't charge for perjury and what do you get? Kids without a meaningful relationship with their fathers. This is why we have such a high rate of incarceration. I did it with my nowyear old daughter - who is NOT a "princess" in any way.

There are plenty of ways to watch your shows online nowadays, no one "needs" cable tv. You are paying to be exposed to mostly advertising and really badly written "articles". I even have it on my cellphone, though it doesn't stop ALL ads Words With Friends drives me crazy waiting for the ads to go away and let me play. Not all or even most, anymore homeschoolers are religious freaks. I'm certainly not one, and I educated my daughter K We had a marvelous time exploring the world together, traveling as far as our finances would allow, visiting nearby cities and meeting people of different ethnicities so we could really get to know them, and not just hear "about" them from some stupid textbook.

Thanks for your positive comments, I enjoyed reading them. It's good to read about parents who actively take part in the upbringing of their children so many naively believe it's the role soley of the formal education system. You also must talk to them often because their friends can bring that influence with them and all those points will be for nothing. My mother, God bless her ,is the classic Princess Syndrome recipient. She never found her voice growing up in the 's, and is completely needy. My mother always focuses on what she considers as "pretty" or "nice looking". We have butt heads all of my adult life because my mother never acknowledges one's individual achievements.

It's always what a person looks like or what hairstyle, or whatever superficial thing she comes up with. My mother has never let other people get really close to her, including my brother and I. Fortunately, my wife and I didn't raise our kids that way. Education and a strong work ethic have been the central themes in our kids' early development.

The thing that I find most interesting are the comments for this article. Didn't anyone else pick up on the fact that stores are selling crotchless underwear to prepubescent girls? What about the thong underwear for young girls with I candy written on it? It seems these designers and stores are selling clothing geared toward girls being sexually molested. That would be a pedophile's dream to put crotchless underwear on his five-year-old victim. That in and of itself raises red flags regardless of the other princess stuff.

My son had a recent experience with a princess and middle school and he got lunch detention. People were campaigning for class president and the social studies teacher had everybody campaign in his class. There was a girl whose campaign posters said " if you don't to vote for me you are a dork. If you don't vote for me you are stupid. So be a cool kid and vote for me. My son looked at his male friend and gave his friend a thumbs down.

She was horrified and her parents complained to the principal. My son admitted freely what he did and said that he did not appreciate being called stupid just because he did not feel like voting for her. He got to serve lunch time detention for giving a thumbs down to the poor, hurt, spoiled princess. We live in and upwardly mobile community and everyone in his school has upper income parents. The girl has already learned all about entitlement and is using bullying against those who do not agree with her. I think it's sad that the school supported her bullying all because she is a girl.

But what do I know? I only have a Masters degree in clinical psychology Sadly, by the time Princesses grow up, they act the same way to their colleagues. They expect their colleagues to revolve around them even though it is meant to be team work. They are hard to work with. And yes, the one at work cries a lot. In the end, it just looks unprofessional and she seems miserable. All little girls dream of being a princess. Except some misinterpert what a princess is in those fairytales.

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Story Time With My 8 Year Old - The Poo That Got Stuck Down The Toilet - Life With Pink Princesses

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Blog justbeaandme. Great recommendation! Fabulous stereotype busting story from Hiawyn Oram.

Six Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princess Books

We loved those books. Both books are great fun too. I really like this collection of princess stories drawn from folklore and literature around the world. A review of the book can be found at littlefoureyes. Princess Sonora is a know-it-all and nobody can stand her…until after the years she gets awakened by a Prince of Insatiable Curiosity whom nobody can stand either. I was pleased to read this to my girls.

My girls are having fun being glam — and who am I to deny a girl her glam — but they also seem more than happy to compete with boys. I have 2 girls, ages 12 and 8 now. Both went through big princess phases between ages 2 and 6. Both are also strong-willed and athletic too. I love that my 12 year old wears pink shinguards when she plays soccer. We feminists have made it okay for girls to play sports and be tough, but in order to have true equality it needs to be just as acceptable for boys to like pink and dress up!

It is very sly and fun. Check it out! I found you post via Pinterest, and I love it! Ogburn to the list. In it, the princess has to rescue the prince from his enchanted sleep, and the artwork is stunning! And of course the marvelous Oz series, which is full of wonderful female characters, including the courageous, high minded Princess Ozma. Edna and her prince are much happier than Ella, because they wind up a team who works together. Also, Edna wears loafers. Loved the recommendations.

May I add one? Loved them both! Definitely worth checking out. If you would be willing to chat about this with me or if any of your commenters might , please drop me a note at princessresearch AT gmail. Thanks so much! My daughter 5 and I 30 are totally in love with 2 and 3 though conventional princesses are definitely a plague in my house too.

I will have to check out the others on your list. Though not princess-related, we also love the Ladybug Girl series. I find the heroine refreshing in the same kind of way. Good for 5 and older kids. I read it as a teenager and loved it. Thanks for this list! Sometimes, I change the endings of the princess books that I read to her to make them more credible to me. Keep up the good work, Tom.

So glad to read some fun princess recommendations. Happily, it has worked — despite two grandmothers many attempts to thwart it. Our daughter 6 has never seen the princess movies and owns no princess pink things — gifts in this genre are put away and replaced…by now with no questions. I mostly object to the cheapness of the toys and replace them with sturdier toys that she enjoys — -her choice. A crown and wand here or there, but not a princess dress or high heels. And now we are heading to Disney and I find that we may be beaten at our own game…while my kids — we also have a son 3 — know Toy Story and Cars and some other Disney movies, they do not really understand Disney the Magic Kingdom et al.

They make her far more tough and the prince a little more interesting. The princess thing was a little overblown and now the pendulum is swinging the other way. But the book is about a very resourceful, skillful, and funny young lady rescuing herself from really crappy circumstances. Oh, thank you so much for this! Just found your site through Kids Woot…this is very timely information for me given that I just got rid of all of the Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and Barbie paperbacks my 3 yr old inherited from her cousins…ick. Now I have something to distract her with when she notices they are gone!

I was also wondering how I could possibly wean her off of the traditional princess stories — sorry now that I ever read them to her. I will definitely be checking out your suggestions! Thanks again! So much so that they regularly argue over which it belongs to, and maintain a thin promise that the first granddaughter gets it. Hard to find now, but the original version had a few really lovely illustrations. A little frilly but the message is fantastic.

Great book list! It was a childhood favorite, sadly out of print now, but available on Amazon. There are some great titles for young adult readers as well!! I would recommend these titles to a high school age reader. Awesome books! I loved them when I was a kid. Age range… maybe ?

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I strongly recommend them as well. Did you know that a female dragon can be King? Love this list! It was a wonderful anti-princess, pro-living your life and making friends book. The Ordinary Princess by M. The Enchanted Forest trilogy by Patricia Wrede. So glad someone recommended The Ordinary Princess!

Sadly i think it is out if print. I had a heck of a time finding a copy for my neice a couple years ago. A princess witg mousy brown hair who loves to play in the woods! She was just like me! The Enchanted Forest quartet is one of my favorites too… I started reading it in 3rd grade and still read it again every year and I am Ooh, good to know.

Thanks for the recommendation list! The Paper Bag Princess is an all-time favorite, but my three daughters and I need to check out the rest of your list. No doubt. I have been recommending it to everyone I know with young daughters. I would highly recommend it! I also love Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole. Thanks for all the great ideas. We are headed that direction though I feel quite successful at having held it off until my darling girl is almost 4!

I love reading that book to my students. We have that one, but, according to my daughter, I always read it wrong. Have to agree with this one as well.