The Empty Hands

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Hong Kong 87 minutes Chapman To. Mari has opted to live idly and forget growing up with her father's strict martial arts regimen, until she must prove herself in competition to win ownership of his dojo he left in his will to one his other students.

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Quiet and reserved with particular charm, The Empty Hands is less about martial arts than it is about a woman struggling to accept herself. Mari Hirakawa Stephy Tang lives an idle life. When her father Yasuaki Kurata passes away, Mari delightfully plans to cash in on his karate dojo and renovate it into an apartment.

NYAFF 2018: ‘The Empty Hands’ Is an Artful Character Study [Review]

However, complications arise when Mari learns that part of the dojo has been given to her father's former student, Chan Kent Chapman To. You can now proceed to book tickets at Amerin Cineplex, click the link below to continue.

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The Empty Hands (2017) By Chapman To

Malaysia's Favourite Movie Site Since The Empty Hands Brought up by a father who practises Karate, a small girl is forced to pick up the martial art despite hating it. Filled with hatred, the girl grows up into a young woman with the sole dream of converting her father's karate dojo into a rental apartment when he passes away.

Koga ryu ninjutsu Empty hands

The day finally arrives, and with her father now dead, the young woman is delighted to realise her dream. However, she soon discovers that a majority of the dojo has been given to one of his father's worst students. Feeling dissatisfied, she challenges him to a fight, only to be defeated by him.

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