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Results suggest that studies that further quantify which density dependence relationship best describes Snowy Plover population dynamics should be conducted since this is the main driver of uncertainty in model outcomes. Furthermore, investigating the presence of Snowy Plovers in the Big Bend region may be important for providing connection between the panhandle and peninsula populations.

More Information. Previous Previous post: Power Outage. UF Directory. How's that sound? The trek to the rec room was a quiet one as the other Autobots were used to the sight of two adorable sparklings; he fetched a half a cube of Energon and proceeded to feed the young sparkling. Prowl looking on with a grimace, clear in his body language that he was uncomfortable.

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Pwetty please? A small groan escaping him as he was dragged over to Jazz's side and came face to face with the little sparkling Inferno. -

A rare smile flickered over his face plates as he ran a careful finger over the happy sparkling's; receiving a appreciative chirp as Inferno kept lapping at his cube of Energon as he clambered into the large clear cube. Wiping at the droplets that gathered at Inferno's mouth plates. Smiling when Inferno's small glossa traced his finger before pulling it into his mouth and sucking on it gently. Wheeljack chuckled as he took the sparkling from Jazz and gave Inferno a red pacifier which he suckled enthusiastically. I need to get this little one to Red before his glitch flares from concern.

His voice traveling through the rec room.

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We will have to wait until it wears off. Small optics of two sparklings trained on their Energon plushies as they kept themselves busy; one suckling his pacifier whilst the other curled around his Cube plushie and happily chewed on a corner. Their optics dimming as their need for recharge made itself known. A collective sigh spilling amongst the Autobots. Red struggled to hold the squirming Decepticon still as he wiped away at the accumulated dirt of the day. Smiling he pulled a light blanket over the two and sighed; it had been a long day and little progress had been made in order to reverse the effects of Starscream's weapon.

Late into Red's recharge cycle he was startled awake by a shivering Starscream; small whimpered and keens the only indication that the seeker was suffering through his recharge. His servo resting on Starscream's helm in comfort only to pull his servo back as something burned him. The loud whine of cooling fans overworking and desperately trying to cool the overheating seeker; Starscream was trapped in a high fevered haze. Red, as his name dictated, was instantly alert; his comm. His panic increasing twofold as his servo burned at the touch of Inferno's helm.

Snowy Shaw

Both sparklings running a high fever. Slow down Red Alert and tell me what happened. In less than a half a bream Ratchet had already entered Red's quarters and was examining the two sparklings who were showing signs of high fevers. He swore as he caught a common bug in their systems; one he overlooked quite spectacularly. Red scrambled to get what the Medic asked for and gave Ratchet two small frozen cubes of Energon; stepping to side as his glitch flared. He really needed to stop worrying but couldn't. Listening instead to the sounds around him View All Archives. Log in No account?

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