Tapping the Fountain of Youth: Profiles of Women Runners Over 50 (Color Photo Version)

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The daughter of a painter and an organic dairy farmer, she draws from the beauty of everyday objects by imagining where each will live. A cake stand may become a marker of birthdays and celebrations. A weekend tote may see countless trips to the farmers market. Their repeated use creates a story to be treasured for generations. With a formal education in ceramics and drawing, Molly launched her first tableware collection from her home studio in Her signature blend of 18th century aesthetics with modern whimsy quickly garnered a loyal following, launching her brand into a wide range of lifestyle products for the home.

Today, Molly Hatch collections can be found through the brand's partnerships with almost 30 gift and home goods companies. Molly works from her studio in Florence, Massachusetts, where she continues to hone her craft and make the traditional new again. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about internet trends and the future of feminist television. A Maine native, she lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, their toddler Link, and a very large English Mastiff named Gaia.

She manages the best, most feminist team in the world from the APW offices in Oakland, CA where she lives with her husband and two small kids. Noelle Bates is the SVP of Marketing at Stance, the brand that turned the boring category of socks into a culturally relevant fashion statement. Her favorite Stance sock is the Run tab, her go-to business case study is Freshly Picked, and her favorite thing to say is "make the logo bigger," which also explains her greatest professional regret: not paying attention during a free Photoshop class in Becky is a New York native turned Arizona desert dweller.

As the co-host of the Cultivate A Good Life Podcast with Becky Higgins she loves adding to the amazing Becky Higgins brand as she helps produce content to help people cultivate an intentional life and record it. The brand training she received from her work with the Walt Disney Company has made her an expert on brand consistency and corporate culture. She is a cancer survivor, family history enthusiast, mother of four spirited kiddos, writer and avid lover of podcasting.

As a speaker, she openly shares about her journey to thrive fearlessly in any of the crazy life throws at us and shares her life on her Instagram beckyproudfit. She is passionate about helping people to recognize and cultivate their unique talents. Her message of not allowing fear and self-doubt to hold you hostage has empowered her to maintain a life full of joy throughout challenging trials. At the core, May Designs believes every day moments can be lovely and she has designed products you pick up or put on can be both functional and fashionable.

She has built a multi million dollar business with lean team, next to zero inventory and a whole lot of grace and gumption. May Designs is all about the power of personality and her custom built e-commerce platform guides customers down an online trail of magic to empower them to create something beautiful and unique.

In , out of desire to create a business focused on social consciousness through crafting and design, Nicole founded Darn Good Yarn. Over the past 11 years, Darn Good Yarn has saved over 2,, pounds of manufacturing remnant material from ending up in landfills or rivers, upcycling it into handmade craft supplies and apparel while employing more than global artisans. Danielle is a boisterous, blonde Italian 'mombshell' hailing from New York City, and tells it like it is.

Now glamping in San Diego with four little ones, her blog is the tale of a City Girl Gone Mom who seeks to entertain, educate and inspire those who could use a dose of parenting truths sprinkled with mom fails. With scrap leather, a sewing machine, and a lot of heart, she made the first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in right at her kitchen table.

An appearance on Shark Tank in skyrocketed the company to a household name synonymous with quality, style, and creativity. Born in Southern California, Adri Reynoso is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Growing up in a family of artists, all her life she has been surrounded and inspired by art. She always said that the best gifts were crayons and blank paper—the fun was endless!

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As a child her family moved from the suburbs of Los Angeles to the exciting city life of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She eventually lived in Mexico and also spent seven years in the heart of downtown NYC. Inspired by her love of art, travel and fashion, she also writes a lifestyle blog, Adri's World about her life, fashion, art and adventures.

She has been making fun colorful neon sign art from her studio in Hollywood since Elise is creating a cultural shift by living life on her own terms. Often called candid, blunt and ballsy, Elise is a woman of action who prefers a cut-to-the-chase approach. She has no patience for unnecessary meetings or people that talk in circles, so she told traditional agency life to take a hike and launched Pony Friday: a motivational lifestyle brand.

Elise currently devotes her energy, enthusiasm and leadership to Pony Friday by collaborating with likeminded creatives to produce inspirational talks and fun merchandise designed for those who dare to behave boldly. Hi, I'm Liv! I've been the voice of the year twice for two of my film creations through Blogher and She knows Media. I am a professional film maker and digital storyteller for both freelance while working full time in digital storytelling for a very large non profit.

I want my life to make a difference! I believe ashes of life become beautiful. I love seeing people laugh and smile. I live for an adventure. Art captivates me, especially music. It tells our universal story! The fantasy of fashion-I live for it! My personal style always tells a story. I creat to give heart, through art, to the tough moments of life. I share my stories and art, and those of others! I believe we are all beautifully Unbelievably Human. I LOVE glitter and sequins. Nicole White Forrest is a housing innovator and entrepreneur who cares deeply about creating beloved places.

Over the last fifteen years, she has worked in real estate development and private equity, from affordable to luxury housing, across the United States. Real estate is my lens. For all those who love the land. The raw and the wild. The sculpted and gravity-defying. The breathtaking. Come journey with me. Mastering the art of note-worthy ideation, Ahyiana taps into her more than 12 years of professional business marketing experience to lend her thoughts on professional development, digital marketing, contemporary brand styling and more. However, Ahyiana enters her zone of genius when speaking to audiences about any of her 4 Ps: publicity, publishing, personal development and podcasting.

The Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast has been featured by girlboss. Danielle designs clothing that is distinctive and fresh, while rooted in classic silhouettes and techniques. Infused with modern color palettes and fabrics, her clothes are playful and whimsical.


Annette Larkins vegan diet: Woman, 70, defies ageing process with vegetables and rainwater

She favors natural fibers, and often dyes, paints, embellishes, or otherwise creates textiles as part of her designs. She competed in and won her season of Project Run and Play, a children's clothing design competition. Danielle is currently creating her first independent retail collection for women. Previous endeavors span mediums but the Venn diagram always includes a creative circle.

HyperCalm was my first company; a web design shop when Flash was a thing. I've won a Directors Guild of America award for a short film, run the world's largest scriptwriting contest, and was the lead designer and project manager at a company that specialized in beautiful work for nonprofits. I'm a visual storyteller trying to change how the world support and engages with artists, makers, and crafters.

Her studies also took her to Paris, where she studied at the Sorbonne and the American University. Years later, her career twisted and turned in the beauty industry, but her passion never faded. The goal is simple, to inspire through beautiful content with design that is uncluttered. She is a self-taught photographer and stylist. Besides being a passionate advocate for print media, she to inspire other women who may encounter any type of obstacles, whether it be a disease or a major setback in life, to keep moving forward to live their best life and pursue their dreams.

This Little Miggy is a family and lifestyle blog that shares crafts, recipes, and lifestyle inspiration from the unique yet relatable perspective of a special needs family. Miggy is a passionate advocate for disability rights and writes about the issues her family frequently faces as well as interviewing other families and individuals with disabilities with the hope of changing the perception of disability one story at a time.

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Her first children's book, which focuses on educating children about disability, comes out in Angie Avard Turner is a creative entrepreneur with a fancy for all things patterned with a punch of piping hot color and over 20 years of creative experience. Angie is also an intellectual property attorney who represents creatives of all kinds, and she has been licensed to practice law since Finally, Angie is a business consultant, an author, a featured writer, a designer, a public speaker, a problem solver, and an out-of-the-box thinker.

In between loads of laundry, Audrey Fixation blogs at skirtfixation. Aria Leighty is an artist, triple business owner, writer, mother and movement leader. In addition to leading this movement and empowering mothers, Aria also is a creative consultant for small businesses and a podcast host. I have an obsession with color, composition, nature, patterns, and anything creative.

Design has always been a part of my life. I have been lucky to enjoy the different facets of it… as a creator, as a graphic designer, and as an entrepreneur. And interior design has always been special and fascinating to me. I love making things. I got my crafty vein from my mom, who also comes from a family of crafters who sew, crocheted, etc. In , after graduating from high school, I moved from my native Venezuela to Miami, FL and started my career in Advertising and Graphic Design at the University of Miami, and graduated in Since then, I have worked in a variety of projects, mainly as a graphic designer.

After a divorce and having to start a new life, move to a new place and make a home out of that as a single-and-work-from-home mom, I started HeyBelina in early to share my style and inspire women to transform their homes into happy places. Because everybody deserves to love where they live, and work. Bethany Everett is an up and coming, budget friendly, Boston based style blogger and digital influencer. While she hasn't quite figured out how the Instagram algorithm thing works, she has learned her way around the basics of social media analytics and affiliate marketing and is a go to source for outfit inspiration!

Carly is a writer, photographer, and artist based in Salt Lake City. She's the voice behind Historicish a history lifestyle blog and Ever Clever Mom a blog about parenting kids who are smarter than you are. Her work can be found scattered throughout her house by her children. Carly is a strategic communications expert who has worked in internal marketing and communication roles for 10 years, prior to opening her agency Circus Media. She oversees high-level PR campaigns, delivers integrated marketing communication strategies and provides social media training to large organisations.

Her experience spans real estate, construction, architectural design and property development across Greenfields, medium-high density and commercial, and over the last two years has grown to include wine, food, lifestyle, retail and professional services. Most recently she launched The Digital Athlete, a consulting agency which educates and empowers athletes in using social media to build a resilient online profile with the aim to navigate any online risk, maximise sponsorship or 'influencer' opportunities, as well as learn the fundamentals of social media and digital marketing.

Carly is well-known in her community having developed strong relationships with the local media, industry leaders and the wider community through various business, leadership and community initiatives including pro-bono work. She regularly speaks at her alma mater Deakin University, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Geelong Community Foundation and most recently she presented to the Committee For Geelong Activate Leadership program on social media and advocacy.

Having worked in different writing and editing positions throughout her career, Carrie settled in as a contemporary book editor at Mattel's American Girl, where she wrote and edited more than 40 advice and activity books. In , she left the security of cubicle life to take the leap of faith growing the brainstorming business Wonder: An Idea Studio while simultaneously girl bossing as a freelance writer.

This is what I help my fellow creative introverts do. I work with them one-to-one or invite them to join my online community the League of Creative Introverts, to learn about themselves, and learn how to shape their lives in a way that suits their unique needs and desires. I also share what I've learned on my podcast, The Creative Introvert. Celeste Viciere is a renowned therapist, mental health advocate, best-selling author, and podcast host. Celeste has been in the mental health field for more than 15 years and believes in the power of living a conscious life.

She works with adults and couples, and specializes in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bipolar and psychotic disorder. Celeste has dedicated her personal and professional endeavors to breaking the stigma surrounding mental and emotional health, especially in communities of color. Her podcast, CelesteTheTherapist focuses on ways to shift your mindset and change your thought process. Claire Wolfson launched her brand, BeanGoods in with her now husband, Chris. BeanGoods is a cheeky and colorful clothing brand inspired by her dachshund, Bean.

Over the past 7 years Claire went from working a corporate design job to going full time with her brand in Claire credits her success with BeanGoods to tapping into a highly focused niche she personally was passionate about and creating designs that stand out amongst the sea of tacky dog inspired products on the internet. In creating her brand she brought together her background in fashion design with her love for her soulful, loyal companion through many ups and downs, Bean. BeanGoods now currently has a social media following of over 50K devoted customers and fans and her online shop is consistently generating over six figures in sales yearly.

Most recently Claire has been sharing business tips and words of wisdom through her personal social media and is in the process of developing an online course that will guide her students to develop a thriving product based brand around a specific niche in While working her full-time job in education, she launched her side gig as a calligraphy studio in After a couple years, she rebranded in and made the decision to become a full-time small business owner. She's passionate about paper, people, and spreading good news.

Dani is a self taught illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. For the past 8 years she has been designing graphic tees and has worked for many notable companies both freelance and full time. While all that was great, her true goal was to have full creative freedom with a label of her own. After years of daydream and doubt, she took the leap and created Dazey.

Early on she begun to share her entrepreneurial journey via video with full transparency. She would show everything from her design process, marketing tips, and the emotional rollercoaster that is starting your own business. People started to take notice, and the response was incredible. That's when Dazey LA shifted from being a company to a calling. A vehicle to inspire, encourage, and support fellow females in their endeavors. Dani's true passion is to empower women through the power of conversation and art.

Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing strategist and whip-smart whiskey drinker currently working at Google. She has ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. Today, she works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic marketing processes to better their business and increase their sales, with a focus on passionate storytelling. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of four books on entrepreneurship and a regular speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Work she's been involved with has been recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, Forbes, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, and more. Dayna Lapkovsky is on a mission to help brands become customer favorites. Dayna is the owner of Suite Communications, a marketing consultancy that helps lifestyle brands become the 1 choice for their customers by optimizing the best combination of strategies and tactics to reach the right people at the right time.

Suite 's work has been highlighted in several publications including Forbes. She has shared her knowledge and passion for marketing at various conferences and workshops including the Canadian Health Food Association. She also sits on the board of a number of local business associations and mentors entrepreneurs as the marketing advisor of the Logik Lab incubator.

Illustrator, author, and visual strategist, Emily Marko, creates visual tools that empower people — from entrepreneurs and busy moms to socially conscious businesses and nonprofits — to take strategic action!

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Emily sketches to capture ideas, dialogue, or presentation notes, as vibrant pictures that create powerful connections. Intensely curious about the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Eunice contributes extensive experience and knowledge to address the complexities of marketing with small business clients.

Eunice seeks to help clients solve both short- and long-term challenges by applying her expertise in a strategic manner. Eunice has been working in small business since the age of 14, when she helped to manage her dad's arboriculture business. After college, she built a successful photography business while also raising a daughter as a single parent. She has helped several other small business owners find their voice and their niche in today's competitive market.

Eunice has adapted concepts such as personalized engagement, influencer marketing, and persona building to help clients with small budgets see big results. Gina Kershaw is a lawyer turned business mentor and author. After 15 years of practicing law, she decided to take a short creative sabbatical that turned into a complete career change. Stepping away from the courtroom gave her a new perspective, and she realized the need for more creativity and positivity in life. She opted to embrace this turning point and took a crazy leap of faith, stepping into an entirely new line of work and passion.

Her background in law and finance combined with her new passion for retail and fashion led her to working with influencers in marketing. She quickly realized the incredible entrepreneurial spirit these influencers have — but saw that they did not know how to set their businesses up smart. She now helps micro-influencers build their businesses and teaches them how to diversify with online stores that use influencer marketing. She is deeply committed to the idea of having freedom and options in life, and looks forward to helping other entrepreneurial minds obtain a happy and prosperous lifestyle.

Her book, Influencer CEO, will be available in early Haeley loves transforming inexpensive materials into chic home decor or festive holiday crafts. Her simple projects are made for those precious 30 minutes of kid-free or work-free time that you can spend doing what you love — MAKING! She graduated from the Wharton Business School with a degree in Marketing. Some might call me a hustler. I fell in love with social media and turned it into a career. With a cup of cold brew in one hand - black with LOTS of ice - and a cell phone in the other, I am dancing my way into one of the most exciting chapters yet, Mad Rad Media!!

Heather Schumacher is an entrepreneur and conscious brand strategist working with private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to achieve the highest vision for their work and lives. After twenty years in advertising, producing global, innovation-driven campaigns for brands including Nike, Google, Starbucks and Target, Heather began to study the principles of consciousness and success that live at the center of a purpose-driven and abundant life. Today, her work exists to help entrepreneurs, leaders and brands define themselves and their offering through the lens of purpose and create the conditions for their ultimate impact and success.

Her clients range from global, social entrepreneurs to purpose-driven, creative organizations and agencies. Heather K. Terry has worked within CPG start-ups for over 10 years. She is one of the founders of NibMor Chocolate which can be found in thousands of retail locations within the US. Basics, an all natural skin care company where she significantly grew the companies brick and mortar door count and helped revamp the ecomm strategy with several large ecomm partners.

Heather is and has been an advisor to dozens of start-up ventures. Heather lives in Greenwich, CT with her daughter and husband. When she's not working, you can usually find her in a yoga studio or producing time-lapse baking videos on Instagram think bread and chocolate! Holly Wade is the creator behind the DIY, food and lifestyle brand Club Crafted, a blog devoted to sharing fun, colorful ideas for a happy, handmade life. After leaving her marketing career in to pursue her creative passions full time, Holly expanded her business to include social media curation and content creation for brands and small businesses nationwide.

As a blogger, influencer and small business owner, Holly has worked with brands of all sizes to promote products and services through carefully curated or custom content on a variety of platforms. Located in Orange County, California, Holly is an avid crafter, baker, cat lady and marketing geek with a passion for encouraging creativity. Holly studied journalism, public relations and marketing at California State University, Long Beach, earning her bachelor's degree in Journalism in James Worsham grew up in New York and went to school in Florida to study sculpture.

From there, he moved to Nashville, where he ended up designing and executing window displays and installations for Anthropologie. He discovered his love of weird materials used in over the top yet elegant design, and decided to share those skills with the world at large. She has presented at TEDx, Mom 2.

Jamie makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama where she advocates for foster and adopted children serving as a volunteer for Heart Gallery Alabama. Jamie Lieberman is a leader in the influencer marketing industry, building one of the first successful law practices of its kind, Hashtag Legal, that specializes in the space. Jamie works with brand, network and influencer clients in all aspects of program and campaign creation and management.

Jamie also works with entrepreneurs and creatives to help her clients grow and protect their businesses. Jamie has been a practicing attorney for thirteen years. She provides clients with advice and services related to intellectual property, contracts, privacy, FTC disclosures and business creation and growth. Jamie previously worked for an influencer network and conference company as its Director of Operations and Chief Counsel. Jamie is a member of the Board of Directors of the Influencer Marketing Association, a trade association committed to protecting the authenticity and ethics of influencer marketing.

Jamie is a seasoned speaker on a range of entrepreneurial and legal topics and is the co-host of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, where she regularly interviews leading professionals in the space. Jessica Gleim is a mom, wife, life enthusiast and digital marketing and branding expert residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. In high school she took a Photoshop class and decided right then and there she wanted to have her own design business. The dream was to have an opportunity to work from home AND be a mother. More than 20 years later, that dream became a reality.

Jessica is a founder of Flairst, a boutique creative marketing agency. We get to work on incredible projects and help brands find their voice and succeed. Make a connection at www. When Jessica's involvement with Project Platypus came to a close, she returned as Lifestyle Editor, where she developed crafts, recipes, and parties for girls. Six years later, she transitioned to the Product Development team where she designed accessories for the contemporary line of dolls. In , she ended her game at Mattel to start a new one as freelance designer and later launch Wonder: An Idea Studio.

In her design business, she has created everything from logos, annual reports, menus, T-shirt graphics, and books. She throws down knowledge-bombs with weekly free blog content, a YouTube channel, eCourses, 1-on-1 consulting, done-for-you services, and her FREE Facebook group. You can find out more at www. In , Jillian Leslie, a lover of parties and entertaining, left a ten-year career as a Hollywood TV and film writer, to start Catch My Party, a website for people to share party ideas, tips, and photos. Growing Catch My Party into the largest party ideas site on the web has been one of Jillian's proudest accomplishments.

Then in , Jillian and her husband, David, created MiloTree, a smart pop-up app to help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs grow their social media followers and email lists. With the success of MiloTree, Jillian launched her podcast, The Blogger Genius Podcast, in , to help her community grow their online businesses. She interviews successful bloggers and industry experts to explore what's working NOW in the world of online entrepreneurship. Jillian loves teaching the gospel of podcasting because she finds the medium so creative, effective, and satisfying!

I spend most of my time designing custom stationery, party goods, logos and possibly hand lettering a sign or chalk wall.

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  4. At any given moment you will likely find me with a cup of Starbucks in one hand, a tape gun in the other, and possibly covered in chalk. By night, I author the lifestyle blog, A Happy Blog www. I am a lover of all things design, feverishly thinking, planning, and plotting for ways to make life more glamorous, fun, delicious, entertaining, and just plain BETTER! Detailed orientated, I take all product photos and editing for my website and blog and design all the creative aspects of my business.

    BrandBoss Creative is a boutique creative agency offering personalized branding, consulting, and innovative solutions. SheWolf is a true collaborative bringing the best of the industry together for special projects. Each is successful on her own, but has agreed to join forces for special projects with truly creative people.

    Entry into the pack is limited; this pack only hunts with the best. After being an entrepreneur for 12 years before opening Hatched Collective, She realized there was a lack in available resources for how to build a community for brands. Most brands want so badly to cultivate their community but lack the tools they need to actually build it. She realized there is also a gap with brands accurately showing who they are. Kim Wiseley is the founder and creative director behind the Flutter Magazine brand. With a background in photography and multimedia arts, Kim thrives on inspiring others through her whimsical daily musings.

    In she set out to break the mold in the print world, designing a refashioned magazine in a first-of-its-kind hybrid fine art periodical dedicated to thoughtful living, traveling and entertaining. Through carefully curated visual media, products, creative retreats, and hands-on experience, Kim inspires like-minded women around the world. This Fall, Kim is celebrating her 5-year anniversary! Krystal Johnson is an Entertainment and Intellectual Property attorney with a unique skillset for brand strategy and business affairs solutions.

    Her specialized experience in the area of influencer marketing has been cultivated through campaigns with major brands such as Disney, Pepsi, Dove, SheaMoisture, and many more. Krystal has represented businesses and talent, making her uniquely qualified to teach influencers and brands the in's and out's of brand partnerships agreements. At SPANX, Kyli was responsible for leading the global merchandising strategy for the shapewear portfolio; scaling the business while innovating new categories and product lines that surprise and delight the consumer. While at Kids II, Kyli held demanding roles in juvenile categories and specialized in product strategy and optimizing revenue potential through an intensive product management process.

    She is a Leader. She is Energetic. She is Optimistic. She is a LEO. Lacey Won has spent her career developing social strategy, audience, and voice for well-known media organizations including AXS Music and Playboy. Laura Alexander Wittig founded Brightly in to change the world through social-impact-powered shopping. Before Brightly, she lead strategy in fashion e-commerce, social impact product development, front-end web design and community engagement for Google, Amazon, Sephora, and Adobe. She lives in Oakland with her husband and two dogs, and enjoys hiking and doing DIY projects around the house.

    Now in her sixth year of business, Leah leverages skills like organization, attention to detail, and client service from her prior career as a commercial real estate attorney to excel at event production. Most recently Leah spoke on the topic of building a diverse portfolio as an events professional at the National Association for Catering and Events conference in July and has been a guest on countless podcasts in , including Office Talk, Bridechilla, She Creates Business and Not the Mama.

    Lindsay Teague Moreno is an author, podcaster, and business owner. In just 2 short years she built a 7-figure personal income, using only social media. All of this with 3 little girls at home and all the mom duties that come along with it. No stranger to failure, Lindsay is not afraid to speak out about challenging topics.

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    Her ability to be vulnerable while making people laugh is why so many females are drawn to her. Raising businesses and babies is no easy feat, but it can be done. Her Amazon best-selling book, Getting Noticed, is a roadmap of how she grew several businesses online from scratch. Lisa is a seasoned apparel industry professional turned working mom and launcher of beautiful fashion brands. She built her career immersed in the product creation process for top apparel brands like lululemon and Gap Inc.

    Twelve years and two small humans later, Lisa knew she could serve more people by going out on her own and helping other female entrepreneurs bring their products and fashion brands to life. Lisa serves her online community with education on how to launch a clothing line and works with clients to bring their product vision to life. A lover of design, efficiency and licorice, Lisa gets up every day to support a new generation of female entrepreneurs that are building business and lives on their own terms. Mandi Holmes is CEO of She Can Coterie, a boutique business and marketing management agency for online, service-based, female business owners.

    She Can Coterie started in when Mandi was unexpectedly laid off from a job as a virtual assistant herself and is now a fully-functioning, expert team of 20 women that do it all! Blogging and editorial work, social media management, customer service, technical support, inbox support, systems creation, travel and invoicing The options are truly endless. To date, SCC has helped more than business owners get organized, strategize their next steps, and take action towards their biggest dreams.

    Mandi believes that women should run the world, that asking for help is vital to success, and that having an iced latte in your hand makes you unstoppable. When she's not leading her team, up-leveling She Can Coterie, or serving powerful women around the world you can find her with her nose in a good book, playing choo-choos with her sweet son Henry, or binge-watching Netflix with her husband.

    Marie LeBaron is the founder and managing editor of Make and Takes. She is a mother of 3 living in Seattle, WA, with a background in education and teaching. Marie loves to share her favorite DIY projects she knows YOU will love to make and take, connecting with other creatives and maker mamas, cheering you on along the way! Email Jump Start! He is the creator of Email on Autopilot www. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Annette Larkins vegan diet: Woman, 70, defies ageing process with vegetables and rainwater e-mail.

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    Registration is limited. Leaf through your vintage recipe collection and enter your favorite dish in Apalachicola Oyster Cook-Off. Not much or a chef or bivavle lover? No worries. The annual event serves up smoked mullet, hamburgers and hot dogs to pair with local brews. Also includes a silent auction, dance performances, kids activities, live music and a 5K fun run. Where : Riverfront Park, Apalachicola Web : oystercookoff. There are more than artists playing on large and small stages in 13 different venues.

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    Where: Coconut Grove, Miami Web: cgaf. Not to worry. There are others throughout SoFla during February. These annual performances, showcased in a one-ring, five-star European big top, have been acclaimed around the globe for world-class artistry and entertainment. Art Wynwood continues to shine a spotlight on Midtown Miami and the Wynwood Arts District as a flourishing international cultural destination. More than 70 top international galleries showcase their art. Pick one and immerse yourself in all things Greek: food, drink, music, dance, clothing and so much more, including carnival rides and other activities for the kids.

    Where: St. Web: bradentonorthodox. Where : Palm Beach Gardens Web : thehondaclassic. POLO — Want to chukker it all and see the greatest polo players in the world? Open Polo Championship concludes. Also good for elegant tailgating, champagne sipping and celebrity watching.

    Where : Wellington Web : internationalpoloclub. Up in the sky! Lectures and workshops round out the event. Book early because space is limited. Web: miamiboatshow. The pavement becomes canvas and the street becomes a museum for fine works of art. Lasting only until the next rain drops, these masterpieces are a true beauty to behold. Also: great food, live music and street performers. Where: Downtown Lake Worth Web: streetpaintingfestivalinc. Celebrities abound and events include brunches and lunches, grand tastings and demos, seminars, intimate dinners, walk-around tastings and late-night parties.

    Where: Various locations in Fort Myers Web: edisonfestival. Highlights include wildlife shows, alligator wrestling, Native American dancing for fun and competition , arts and crafts, drum circle, Seminole clothing contest and more. Both attract stellar lineups ever year. Web: Respectively, riverwalkblues. Where: Key West Web: fla-keys. Check out this off-the-beaten path pocket of Old Florida with many original buildings and a rich history steeped in the lore of pirates and smugglers and murder and mayhem.

    Where: Everglades City Web: evergladesseafoodfestival. You just might win the big contest. Plus, cocktail lounges, food and live musical entertainment. Petersburg Web : raptorfest. Try the pizza cone or bacon ice cream. But not before stepping on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Where : Dade City Web : pascocountyfair. Where : Clearwater Beach Web : clearwaterbeachuncorked. Actors play out old dueling scenes and give history lessons, folk bands play, horse carriages give tours and vendors sell handcrafted wares.

    Also: a giant Jenga, trike races and cornhole competitions. Artists and musicians entertain with exhibits and live music. Where : Williams Park, downtown St. Petersburg Web : keepsaintpetersburglocal. Three parades fill the streets with the finale, featuring stilt walkers, fire eaters, jugglers, costumed pets and, of course, lots and lots of beads.

    Where : Downtown Leesburg Web : leesburgmardigras. Check out the energetic livestock auction and Mexican rodeo. Where : Port Canaveral Web : visitportcanaveral. Where : Daytona Web : daytonainternationalspeedway. Elaborate floats and outlandish costumes will lead the Florida-style pageantry. The finale is a Fat Tuesday Street Party.

    Where: Pensacola Web: kreweoflafitte. Augustine Web: fountainofyouthflorida. Also includes basket weaving, early pottery and an art auction. The run, which can be done with or without your best friend, includes live music, contests, dog demos and a pet adoption event. Swap cues and pucks for brooms and stones and add an ice rink for the court. Augustine, which celebrates more than years of African American history, on this private tour which includes 10 stops pivotal to the Civil Rights movement. Also includes a visit to the Civil Rights Museum. Augustine Web: staugustineblackheritagetours.

    The Olustee Festival features more than arts and crafts vendors, pig races, a parade and the Skirmish on Lake Desoto. Pick a winner during the festival-favorite Fiddler Crab races, take a boat tour along the winding Steinhatchee River, dance to live music during the Suwannee River Jam, compete in the Lots of Spots Fishing Tournament and chow down on lots of great eats during the Swampwater Cookoff. Where: Steinhatchee Web: steinhatcheeriverchamber. Also includes an author expo, author presentations and book signings. Where: Amelia Island, various venues Web: ameliaislandbookfestival.

    This three-day fest features guest appearances by sci-fi celebrities. If you want a boat, need a boat or you like to fantasize about boats, the Palm Beach International Boat Show is for you. Other events Carnival events include: Carnaval on the Mile street fair, cooking contest, domino tournament, golf tournament and a 5K run. Where: Various locations in Miami Web: carnavalmiami. Web: festivaloftheartsboca. The former features more than 20 events, such as pool parties, dance parties and the grand finale known as the sexiest beach party on the planet.

    The latter has a full slate of exceptional live music, fine merchandise from booth vendors and a great selection of food from many local restaurants. Web: jazzinthegardens. On the right coast, there is the Original Marathon Seafood Festival. Web: fortmyersbeachshrimpfestival. Pig out pun intended! Seminars and great live music, too.

    Also includes the annual Trash Bash that features food, drinks, raffle prizes and live music. Where: Various locations in Broward County Web: miasf. Also included: a white-sand lakeside-swimming beach and bar, wooded VIP camping areas, immersive art installations, great food trucks, craft beer makers and yoga and meditation sessions. Where: Sunshine Grove, Okeechobee Web: okeechobeefest. Also includes an acrobatic equestrian show, an extreme motorcycle show and an amazing balloon stunt show. Good food and lots of entertainment, too. Where: Various locations in Key West Web: twkw. Also: a full lineup of accessories and nautical fashions.

    Web: For more info, let your fingers do the walking through the internet. Head to the workshop tent for pointers on honing your own skills, or head to the vendor tables to admire the works of painters, jewelers and craftsmen. Also: Native American food, live music, alligator wrestling, snake show, Seminole stomp dancing and much more.

    Also: workshops, hula lessons, good food and an all-star concert jam grand finale. Where : Sarasota Web : floridawinefest. And it always features the popular Jazz Trolley Pub Crawl. Where: Various locations in Sarasota Web: jazzclubsarasota. Thousands of products and services for upscale residential decorating, remodeling and home improvements will be featured. Web: miamiopen. Web: colliercountyfair. The marquis event is the Star Class race for the prestigious Bacardi Cup. Where: Rodeo Arena, Arcadia Web: arcadiarodeo. Who knows, you might even wind up adopting a Keys four-legged critter.

    In addition to adoptions, there will also be live music, food and beverages, goodie bag give-aways, vendor booths and doggie competitions. Where: Islamorada Web: keyswoofstock. Plenty of beer and food vendors will be on hand to serve the masses, as well as bounce houses and face painters for the kids. Where : Myakka City Web : ranchjam. Where : Munn Park, Lakeland Web : springobsession. Where : St. Petersburg Web : sunlitfestival.

    Kids will love the street performances, sweet treats and lemonade stands. Petersburg Web : gpstpete. Arrive early and hit the business and craft expo booths or stay late and watch a movie under the stars. Where : Port Orange Web : familydays. Tampa continues its tradition of drawing hundreds of food trucks to one location for a weekend, giving guests tasty options from Philly cheesesteaks to fried ice cream.

    The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

    Where : Tampa. Keep your belly full with tacos, BBQ and other festival foods, and finish it all off with a cigar, hand-rolled right in front of you. Pete Beach Web : visitstpeteclearwater. Roam the streets and find vintage cycle shows, rock music concerts, biker breakfasts and planned rides.

    Where : Daytona Beach Web : officialbikeweek. Where : Downtown Tampa Web : gasparillamusicfestival. This festival aims to settle the debate — at least until the next year — with its annual three-day competition spotlighting sandwich makers from both regions, working their magic with pork, Swiss cheese and whatever other secret ingredients the competitors slip between slices of fresh-baked Cuban bread.

    Complimentary tastings and tours are included. Where : Clermont Web : lakeridgewinery. New moms can visit a play area with their little ones and moms-to-be can get free 3D and 4D sonograms of their growing bumps. Plus, check out carnival rides, livestock shows, the fried candy bar truck and performances by nationally known headline artists.

    March through mid-May. The Italian Garden, designed in the s, is the showstopper with its reflecting pools, cypress trees, azaleas and marble sculptures all overlooking the St. The museum offers guided tours of the gardens, as well as outdoor concerts, a dance performance, lectures and a plein air watercolor workshop. So take aim Where: Seville Square, Pensacola Web: smokininthesquare. Great live music will have toes tapping and hips swaying. Where: Francis Field, St. Augustine Web: lionsfestival. Where: Palatka Web: flazaleafest. Johns County Fairgrounds, Elkton Web: floridashistoriccoast.

    Check out all that gleaming chrome on a gorgeous golf course. Also included: a chance to test drive cars and a seminar with the auto designers of General Motors, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. Pair featured Southern dishes with craft brews and make time to peruse the arts and crafts market. Where: Bonifay. Also included: beer gardens, a beach party and fantastic food.

    Where: Blountstown, Marianna and Port St. To see these treasures explore historic downtown Trenton, where the quilts will be displayed in stores and town buildings both inside and out. Where: Trenton Web: trentonquiltfestival. There are two prize categories. Where: Kleman Plaza, Tallahassee Web: springtimetallahassee. More than 50 top live acts will be on hand. Also: a juried art and craft show, three floating bar barges, fireworks and tons of kids activities.

    Events include a fine wine tasting, craft beer tasting and an interactive dinner, at which a celebrity chef guides you and your guests to help make your own gourmet dinner. Activities include a silent auction for an exclusive piece and a make-and-take craft session for kids and adults Where: J. Judge for yourself at this day Conch Republic tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek birthday bash. Events include: a drag race not cars , a wacky bed race, a light-hearted sea battle featuring tall ships and a cruiser car show.

    Where: Various locations in Key West Web: conchrepublic. Web: www. Where : Downtown Delray Beach Web: delrayaffair. The lineup always includes the very best country and country-rock bands. Where: Fort Lauderdale Beach Web: tortugamusicfestival. Web: Respectively: www. While oyster lovers get their fill, festival goers will also contribute to a better ecosystem as shells will be gathered for oyster reef restoration projects.

    Where: Downtown Fort Pierce Web: ftpierceoysterfest. Top national acts always appear at this this all-evening outdoor show that also has plenty of food and merchandise vendors. Tellers have been bringing their best stories from all over the world for more than 30 years. Where : Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora Web : flstory. Watch fighter jets soar and hot air balloons float after visiting entertaining and educational programs and expos.

    Where: Lakeland Web: www. Refreshments are plentiful, with seafood, barbeque, Cuban cuisine, beer, wine, and mixed drinks on the menu. Where: Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg Web: tampabaybluesfest. Pets welcome!

    Runner's Yoga - Yoga With Adriene

    Where: Lake Eola, downtown Orlando Web: fiestainthepark. Where: Sandpoint Park, Titusville Web: nbbd. But not at this annual festival, which features blueberry desserts, blueberry wines, blueberry vinegars and jams, as well as a beer garden, dog show, car show and a Blueberry Kids Zone. Where: Brooksville Web: floridablueberryfestival. Small businesses show off their handmade products, pastry chefs and chocolatiers work their artistry and magic and chocolate advocacy groups yes, these exist educate guests on all that is wonderful about chocolate. Where: Tampa Web: festivalofchocolate. The showcase is a 21,square-foot structure that transforms into an art gallery of sand sculptures created by master sculptors from around the world.

    Where: Pier 60, Clearwater Beach Web: sugarsandfestival. Dunellon Pageant, which is the highlight event among other entertainment, crafts vendors and delicious BBQ and fair food tents. Where: Historic Dunnellon Web: ocalamarion. Also included: Live music, a tattoo expo, a classic bike show, bikini contests and more. Where: Leesburg Web: leesburgbikefest. Admire or buy paintings, glass art, metalwork, jewelry, sculptures and photography, or check out the live bands and nearby shops.

    Each practice session is an hour long. The festival also includes a concert benefitting regional waterway conservation , paddling demos and an evening ghost tour. The Easter Brunch features an elaborate spread that includes a seafood bar, prime rib carving station, omelets and a dessert station with sweets to die for. The work of more than authors and musicians will be featured. Where: Cascades Park, Tallahassee Web: wordofsouthfestival. Where: downtown Sopchoppy Web: wormgruntinfestival.

    Attend vegan cooking demos, sample vegan food from veg-friendly restaurants or food purveyors and attend lectures by nationally known speakers and authors. Where: Cascades Park, Tallahassee Web: northfloridavegfest. Augustine Web: rhythmandribs. Where: downtown Starke Web: bradfordcountystrawberryfestival. There are nightly wine dinners with celebrity chefs, a champagne and seafood cruise and live music. The finale is the Grand Tasting event. Where: Madison, various venues Web: madisonfl. Also on display: authentic oyster boats, steam engine demos and model boat building for kids.

    The event includes speakers, demos, as well as a marketplace full of plant and garden accessory vendors. Where: downtown Blountstown Web: facebook. Take time for a family photo along the waterfront, enjoy live music on the festival stage and take in the arts and crafts vendors who set up shop along the downtown streets. Scatting, trombone solos and improv are all the rage during the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, an annual free music festival that showcases three days of live music on three stages.

    They will be all around town during the week. It features fab fishing, prize money and trophies for the winners, and an awards banquet complete with door prizes and an auction. Where: Marathon, Florida Keys Web: habitatmiddlekeys. This festival always gets a great lineup.

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    Where: Various locations in Naples Web: stayinmay. At the Annual Punta Gorda Hibiscus Festival, specialty hibiscus and other exotic plants, trees and organics will be displayed and up for sale. The Redland International Orchid Show is one of the largest in the country, featuring more than 50 booths of orchid vendors and educational events and material. At the Key Largo Original Music Festival , hit songwriters from Nashville and around the country perform on multiple stages and a variety of on-the-water venues.

    Web: Respectively, keywestsongwritersfestival. Highlights include: Speed eating and seed spitting competitions, community showcase exhibition area, live entertainment on two stages, stilt walkers, skill games, balloon animals and, of course, mouth-watering watermelon. Open to paddlers on standup paddleboards, prone boards, outrigger canoes, dory boats, surf skis and kayaks. Web: fla-keys. Work featured will highlight the connections of tradition and innovation as they meld with utility and comfort. Live concerts are also featured.

    Where : Stuart Web : facebook. Where : Melbourne.